Conception for better photos

This website is about conceptual photography in general and the promotion of my book Photodesign. The site is still under construction. Interesting articles about photography are planned.

My book “Photodesign” describes systematically the factors that should be considered in a good photo. My experience in 15 years of Flickr is that most photographers approach photography with a one-sided view, missing numerous opportunities that would be obvious with a better overview.

One-sided specialisations abound. Examples include a concentration on photographic technique, a preference for common and popular types of motifs, and artistic photography that is all about formal aesthetics, as in the Bauhaus style.

One-sidedness, however, is the norm and not something negative. The book offers an easy way to get away from the one-sidedness and get much better photos. No matter what the subject or photo assignment.

The book is relatively short – around 130 pages, so the reader can get an effective overview in a short time. The epub format is specially optimised for easy reading on smartphones.