Imagict includes, among other things, picture dictionaries. I found the website because a large number of my photos are used in it. This demonstrates a surprising benefit of photography that is often overlooked. Pictures and photos can remarkably accelerate the vocabulary learning process.

However, the website can only be accessed through an insecure http connection, but it seems to still be under construction.

Information from ChatGPT about

What are the sense and the qualities of the website is a website designed to help users improve their imagination and creative thinking skills. It offers various tools and exercises to stimulate creativity, including image association games, story starters, and visual brainstorming prompts.

Sense: The sense of is to provide a platform for individuals to enhance their creative thinking abilities through interactive and engaging activities. It aims to inspire users to think outside the box, make connections between different concepts, and challenge their imagination.


  1. User-friendly interface: The website has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access the different creative exercises.
  2. Diverse activities: offers a wide range of imaginative exercises, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Users can play image association games, generate story ideas, explore visual brainstorming prompts, and more.
  3. Inspiration and motivation: The website provides users with a constant source of inspiration and motivation to think creatively. The activities and prompts encourage users to explore new ideas, perspectives, and connections.
  4. Accessibility: is freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This allows individuals from different backgrounds and locations to participate and benefit from the creative exercises.
  5. Collaborative features: The website includes features that allow users to collaborate and share their creative ideas with others. This promotes a sense of community and encourages users to learn from and inspire each other.

Overall, offers an engaging and interactive platform for individuals to enhance their creativity and imagination through a variety of activities and prompts.

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