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Here follows a view of my e-book “Webdesign” as it is displayed on smartphones with an e-book app. The reading samples on Google Play and Amazon can be read, but they do not give the impression of a book and are, therefore, not very motivating

Smartphones as reading devices have a multitude of advantages and only a few disadvantages compared to a printed paperback. But many people are not aware of this.

However one needs to install a good e-book reader on the smartphone. Recommendable Android Apps:

Amazon Kindle
Google Books
Lithium (example above)

These apps render the e-book format EPUB quite correctly and also have numerous setting options for a good reading experience:

Font size, font type, background, justified or left justified, line spacing, margins and brightness.

Good E-Book apps also allow enlarged viewing of photos. In the case of the Lithium app, tapping on the photo brings up a separate image display, which can be enlarged to the maximum with a finger gesture if you want to view details. All photos are 2048 pixels wide, which gives the photo book an unusual size of 50 MB.

A disadvantage compared to a printed book is that current e-book apps do not support hyphenation. Therefore, with large fonts and justified text, visible gaps and significantly different line lengths may occasionally occur. This can also be seen in the above example (font size 130%).

The book can be ordered on Amazon or Google Play – Books. Because prices vary in different countries, it is best to log in with your Amazon or Google Play account and use the search function. Simply enter “Photodesign” on Amazon or activate the Books tab on Google Play and then enter “Photodesign” in the search bar.

The following links are only examples for Germany.

Google Play – Books

Amazon Germany

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